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La Familia Hermosa Stamey

So, Scot Stamey and I went to church together back in the early 90’s in Conover, NC. He went on a mission trip to Mexico and met Susana.  He ended up marrying her and bringing her back to the US.  I met Susana several times years ago, but had no idea I would end up living near them in Wilmington, NC 20+ years later and that she would be my daughter’s high school Spanish teacher!  Scot and ‘Susie’ had 2 beautiful children, Kasie and Sam.  Kasie graduated year before last from Wilmington Christian Academy and Sam is a Senior this year. We recently spent some time at Fort Fisher and captured these sweet memories.  They truly are beautiful people and I’m so glad to call them friends.  Hope you enjoy! img_8005img_8011img_8042img_8046img_8048img_8052img_8060img_8067img_8070img_8081img_8090img_8099img_8105img_8109img_8119img_8120img_8125img_8129img_8145img_8159img_8171img_8175img_8186img_8198img_8200img_8220img_8226img_8231img_8242img_8246img_8256img_8262img_8268img_8289img_8302img_8310img_8324_edited-1img_8326img_8331img_8338img_8343_edited-1img_8343img_8371img_8395img_8430img_8435img_8443img_8449img_8464img_8469img_8475img_8484img_8493img_8529img_8532img_8538img_8543img_8545img_8546img_8558img_8560img_8566img_8570img_8583img_8591img_8618img_8638