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The Boscaljon Family

Part of this big lovely family attend our church and they wanted to have some photos done while their parents/in-laws were in town for the New Year.  Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain the morning we were scheduled to shoot and they had no time to reschedule because of travel plans.  We made the best of the dim lighting and small spaces  and jumped under this shelter at the Train Museum in Downtown Wilmington.  They have a beautiful family with lots of adorable little ones who love the Cubs!   I hope you enjoy!  img_3427img_3430img_3457img_3473img_3474img_3507img_3531img_3538img_3544img_3546img_3566img_3580img_3583img_3591img_3667img_3670img_3697img_3753img_3767img_3784img_3939img_3914img_3912img_3864img_3790img_3828img_3807img_3894img_4258img_4246img_4235img_4228img_4212img_4208img_3956img_3966img_3975-1img_3980img_4001img_4004img_4020img_4022img_4029img_4201img_4184img_4177img_4160img_4152img_4141img_4138img_4135img_4046img_4048img_4058img_4061img_4068img_4078img_4101img_4118img_4121img_4125_edited-1img_4267img_4269