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Maggie Brown. Class of 2017.

Maggie and her family live in our neighborhood on our street.  They are one of the first families we met when we moved in six years ago.  Maggie and her sister, Lacie  and their little bro, Fischer became good friends with my girls and we became friends with their parents, Don and Buffy.  The years have flown by… good times and bad, pool days, the snowpacalypse of 2014 and hours and miles of carpool, laughter and tears.  Don is our campus pastor now and Maggie is graduating from high school in a few short weeks.  I am happy and thankful that God in his sovereignty placed this sweet family down the street from us.  They have been a blessing.  Maggie is beautiful on the inside and out.  She loves Jesus, she’s so creative and smart and she loves photography as much as I do!!   We had such a fun time this week shooting these in downtown Wilmington.  We went to a park and on the riverwalk, but Maggie found the cutest little nursery called the Transplanted Garden, also.  We took my bench from our bedroom and they so graciously let us shoot there.   It was a blast!  Congratulations Maggie!  Your future is bright! IMG_6691IMG_6709IMG_6698IMG_6706IMG_6729IMG_6726IMG_6739IMG_6762IMG_6765_edited-1IMG_6772IMG_6784IMG_6792IMG_6810IMG_6816IMG_6827IMG_6864IMG_6875IMG_6884IMG_6902IMG_6912IMG_6969IMG_6974IMG_6981IMG_6993IMG_6998IMG_7016IMG_7022IMG_7023IMG_7026IMG_7054IMG_7104IMG_7118IMG_7168IMG_7179IMG_7187IMG_7200IMG_7214IMG_7219IMG_7237IMG_7242IMG_7248IMG_7250IMG_7253IMG_7257IMG_7268IMG_7274IMG_7277IMG_7291IMG_7299IMG_7307IMG_7314IMG_7321IMG_7333IMG_7344IMG_7351IMG_7372IMG_7378IMG_7387IMG_7394IMG_7401IMG_7419IMG_7442IMG_7470IMG_7489IMG_7497IMG_7535IMG_7556IMG_7565IMG_7600_edited-1IMG_7656IMG_7664IMG_7675IMG_7690IMG_7700IMG_7714IMG_7734IMG_7735IMG_7747IMG_7749IMG_7751IMG_7760IMG_7762IMG_7769IMG_7815IMG_7820IMG_7832IMG_7839IMG_7855IMG_7868IMG_7892IMG_7927IMG_7931IMG_7944IMG_7952IMG_7963IMG_7975IMG_7992IMG_8003IMG_8033IMG_8038IMG_8072IMG_8079IMG_8083IMG_8098IMG_8115IMG_8125IMG_8139IMG_8194IMG_8200IMG_8210