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The Hobgood Family

I met this family through a mutual friend at our church.  I haven’t gotten to know them that well yet, but I hear they are an awesome bunch!  I look forward to getting to know them more! We spent an evening at Fort Fisher and grabbed these pics! It was freezing cold, but we made it work.  Meet Jon, Sara, Kylie, Caedmon, Kyrie and Candler!  Aren’t they adorable?  Hope you enjoy!IMG_5417IMG_5464IMG_5468IMG_5473IMG_5476IMG_5481IMG_5495IMG_5507IMG_5519IMG_5529IMG_5532IMG_5551IMG_5565IMG_5570IMG_5578IMG_5587IMG_5597IMG_5599IMG_5610IMG_5613IMG_5628IMG_5640IMG_5645IMG_5648IMG_5655IMG_5667IMG_5678IMG_5692IMG_5698IMG_5712IMG_5716IMG_5777IMG_5797IMG_5838IMG_5802IMG_5870IMG_5885IMG_5894IMG_5897IMG_5913IMG_5920IMG_5929IMG_5984IMG_6010IMG_6011IMG_6019