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Dustin, Lise and Family

I met Lise about 6 years ago at our church.  She is a beautiful person inside and out!  Dustin is her hubby and he is great guy, as well! I was privileged to shoot their wedding aboard the Henrietta on the Downtown Wilmington waterfront several years ago and now they have two beautiful little girls! We haven’t seen each other in about 3 years because they are attending a different church now that is closer to their home in Hampstead, so when she contacted me about photos, I was so excited!  It was so great to see them and both sets of their parents and to meet their beautiful little girls!  We met at the beautiful home of a friend of theirs and captured these pics!  The little ones were troopers for sure!  Enjoy! IMG_1089IMG_1103IMG_1105IMG_1129IMG_1132IMG_1135IMG_1139IMG_1144IMG_1149IMG_1155IMG_1163IMG_1167IMG_1168IMG_1169IMG_1181IMG_1193IMG_1203IMG_1212IMG_1224IMG_1227IMG_1228IMG_1232IMG_1239IMG_1245IMG_1248IMG_1252IMG_1257IMG_1271IMG_1275IMG_1278IMG_1280IMG_1282IMG_1283IMG_1285IMG_1288IMG_1295IMG_1296IMG_1298IMG_1300IMG_1315IMG_1321IMG_1323IMG_1325IMG_1327IMG_1328IMG_1335IMG_1337IMG_1346IMG_1349IMG_1355IMG_1369IMG_1373IMG_1376IMG_1383IMG_1386IMG_1387IMG_1391IMG_1393IMG_1427IMG_1439IMG_1451IMG_1452IMG_1468IMG_1471IMG_1485IMG_1486IMG_1489IMG_1495IMG_1499IMG_1503IMG_1512IMG_1529IMG_1543IMG_1562IMG_1584IMG_1594IMG_1599IMG_1600IMG_1617IMG_1628IMG_1630IMG_1632IMG_1653