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The Johnsons 2017

I first met this beautiful family when I met my sweet friend, Whitney’s fiance’, Ryan.   Several years after they were married, we had moved to Wilmington and were down in Oak Island at the beach one Saturday and Whitney walks past me on the beach!!  I learned that day that her in-laws, Bob and Deb had just built a beautiful home on the beach right near the access where we frequented!  I was so excited, as I would get to see Whitney on a regular basis, at least during the summer.  Long story short, I’ve taken their family photos at the beach 3 times now!  In fact, Ryan’s niece, little Graylyn has made me semi-famous (or I like to think so) on Pinterest with 5,924 pins to date of her on the beach in her Mommy’s big beach hat.  See here!  They recently gathered in Oak Island from Texas, Raleigh, and Clemmons for Memorial Day weekend and we captured these memories!  Whitney was unable to be there which made me sad!  She was greatly missed!!  It was so fun to meet Brooks and Audrey’s newest addition, Lillian.  Isn’t she adorable?  The Johnson are always delightful and I had such a great time!  Hope you enjoy!IMG_8813IMG_8846IMG_8850IMG_8873IMG_8878IMG_8886IMG_8914IMG_8925IMG_8931IMG_8954IMG_8963IMG_8977IMG_9010IMG_9028IMG_9044IMG_9064IMG_9079IMG_9097IMG_9115IMG_9179IMG_9184IMG_9203IMG_9209IMG_9243IMG_9298IMG_9303IMG_9311IMG_9379IMG_9387IMG_9391IMG_9410IMG_9426IMG_9431IMG_9446IMG_9462IMG_9502IMG_9527IMG_9531IMG_9545IMG_9548IMG_9607IMG_9612IMG_9615IMG_9617IMG_9622IMG_9658IMG_9674IMG_9679IMG_9686IMG_9693IMG_9718IMG_9792IMG_9816IMG_9830IMG_9845IMG_9878IMG_9882IMG_9885IMG_9893IMG_9900