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The Mesfin Family 2017

I first met Misgana at our church when she and her husband, Abiy, joined our small group several years ago.  She is a beautiful inside and out. Abiy is a wonderful husband and they have 2 gorgeous little girls.  Their families are from Ethiopia, but live in Washington D.C.. Misgana has 3 sisters, 2 of them are married and have beautiful children.  I have done several shoots with Abiy and Misgana and some with her family in years past.  You can see some of those here, here and here!   Recently, they were all in town for Memorial Day weekend and we went out to Wrightsville Beach and captured these photos!  Aren’t they beautiful!?  The ones with all of the kiddos are my favorites!  Hope you enjoy!IMG_0001IMG_0062IMG_0134IMG_0151IMG_0208IMG_0214IMG_0255IMG_0256IMG_0273IMG_0295IMG_0327IMG_0345IMG_0353IMG_0376IMG_1035IMG_1056IMG_1057IMG_1070IMG_1076IMG_9928IMG_9965IMG_9989IMG_0549IMG_0563IMG_0580IMG_0589IMG_0595IMG_0597IMG_0604IMG_0611IMG_0612IMG_0613IMG_0621IMG_0623IMG_0644IMG_0649IMG_0691IMG_0693IMG_0709IMG_0721IMG_0725IMG_0729IMG_0742IMG_0755IMG_0771IMG_0774IMG_0781IMG_0838IMG_0858IMG_0880IMG_0883IMG_0884IMG_0887IMG_0899IMG_0906IMG_0911IMG_0915IMG_0933IMG_0935IMG_0944IMG_0955IMG_0990