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Chase Nathaniel Walker. Class of 2018.

Chase Nathaniel was like my first child…. he is my sister, Laura and brother in law, Nate’s firstborn.  I was at the hospital when he was born and I actually held him the entire first night of his life while his mom slept.  He had a huge Precious Moments paci that he sucked on and I had to watch him all night for fear he might suffocate from it.  (He’s heard that story way too may times!)  I’ve watched him grow up.  We’ve shared many memories together… trips to the mountains, to the zoo, to the beach, Christmas’s, birthday parties, etc.  It’s like I blinked and he’s a man!  A handsome, smart, kind, and sweet young man, and a quite snazzy dresser, I might add!  His life hasn’t always been easy, but he’s never used that as an excuse.  He has character and class and my prayer is that he will continue to shine in this upcoming Senior year on into the years ahead.  We headed to Uptown (downtown) Charlotte and to his High School, North Mecklenburg to shoot… with his Mom and bros along and dodging the rain, we had a blast!  Isn’t he so handsome?!  I love you Chase Nathaniel!!!  Forever!IMG_1899IMG_1903IMG_1907IMG_1910IMG_1914IMG_1917IMG_1925IMG_1928IMG_1937IMG_1939IMG_1947IMG_1954IMG_1958IMG_1966IMG_1971IMG_1977IMG_1982IMG_1993IMG_1997IMG_2002IMG_2005IMG_2006IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2040IMG_2049IMG_2053IMG_2066IMG_2070IMG_2073IMG_2088IMG_2090IMG_2100IMG_2109IMG_2115IMG_2128IMG_2207IMG_2230IMG_2248IMG_2257IMG_2265IMG_2269IMG_2316IMG_2323IMG_2330IMG_2335IMG_2337IMG_2354IMG_2359IMG_2391IMG_2411IMG_2420IMG_2440IMG_2460IMG_2466IMG_2471IMG_2480IMG_2527IMG_2535IMG_2552IMG_2557IMG_2568IMG_2574IMG_2611IMG_2614IMG_2629IMG_2668IMG_2671IMG_2680IMG_2701IMG_2706IMG_2713IMG_2727IMG_2743IMG_2746IMG_2752IMG_2759IMG_2764IMG_2772IMG_2775