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The Fox Family

So, this family is pretty much like my own family. (Well officially we are cousins!)  Todd, Nancy, Cody, Daniel, Payton, Coulson, and Mamaw Rita… I’ve known W.J. (who we miss greatly), Rita and Todd since I was born.  I used to call Todd and his sister, Tina, who is one of my forever best friends, ‘Odd and Ina (EEna)’ when I couldn’t say my ‘T’s’!  I was at Todd and Nancy’s wedding and knew their kids from when they were born.  Cody was my main squeeze when he was little!  I finally got to meet Daniel’s wife, Payton and their little, Coulson when we shot these, too!  They were vacationing in Myrtle Beach and we met half way in Ocean Isle to take pics and then enjoy a delicious meal on the water.  We don’t get to see each other that often, but it felt as though we hadn’t missed a beat!  They haven’t changed a bit and I love them to pieces!  And this little, Coulson??  Isn’t he adorable?!  Hope you enjoy!IMG_6584IMG_6594IMG_6607IMG_6612IMG_6618IMG_6626IMG_6631IMG_6637IMG_6645IMG_6655IMG_6656IMG_6659IMG_6673IMG_6696IMG_6701IMG_6706IMG_6709IMG_6751IMG_6758IMG_6762IMG_6765IMG_6787IMG_6803IMG_6815IMG_6830IMG_6832IMG_6845IMG_6860IMG_6862IMG_6875IMG_6884IMG_6900IMG_6901IMG_6924IMG_6940IMG_6942IMG_6952IMG_6960IMG_6965IMG_7036IMG_7044IMG_7069IMG_7112IMG_7124IMG_7134IMG_7138IMG_7150IMG_7158IMG_7238IMG_7246IMG_7278IMG_7296IMG_7307IMG_7358IMG_7394IMG_7396IMG_7411IMG_7423IMG_7444IMG_7480IMG_7496IMG_7513IMG_7517IMG_7528IMG_7544IMG_7584IMG_7602IMG_7627IMG_7636IMG_7677IMG_7704IMG_7719IMG_7726