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The Tantalos – Phil, Allison, Ella & Clara

I met sweet Allison years ago at church.  We became instant friends!  Not long afterwards she began talking about this great guy she met… Phil is a great guy and soon came to be her husband!!  Albert and I attended their wedding and now fast forward… they just had their second little girl!!  We did a photo shoot with their first, Ella, last Fall. (You can see those photos here.) We did a birth announcement for this newest addition then, but obviously didn’t put it on the blog. On October 7th, they welcomed little Clara into their family.  I spent a morning recently capturing life as it goes now!  It was a precious time.  I’m so glad I got to peek in and see God’s goodness to them!  He is good!  Aren’t they beautiful?!? Hope you enjoy!! IMG_7774IMG_7775IMG_7793IMG_7806IMG_7817IMG_7828IMG_7862IMG_7874IMG_7919IMG_7973IMG_7981IMG_8012IMG_8055IMG_8058IMG_8069IMG_8099IMG_8105IMG_8122IMG_8156IMG_8168IMG_8191IMG_8212IMG_8230IMG_8239IMG_8252IMG_8260IMG_8329IMG_8338IMG_8358IMG_8386IMG_8427IMG_8433IMG_8472IMG_8552IMG_8557IMG_8586IMG_8590IMG_8610IMG_8640IMG_8661IMG_8715IMG_8717IMG_8721IMG_8727IMG_8753IMG_8788IMG_8792IMG_8837IMG_8838IMG_8860IMG_8874IMG_8877IMG_8893IMG_8899IMG_8917IMG_8925IMG_8938IMG_8950IMG_8956IMG_8980IMG_8997IMG_9000IMG_9010IMG_9018IMG_9020IMG_9022IMG_9039IMG_9051IMG_9054IMG_9095IMG_9108IMG_9109IMG_9137IMG_9159IMG_9162IMG_9169IMG_9196IMG_9248IMG_9296IMG_9298IMG_9308IMG_9315IMG_9316IMG_9341IMG_9354IMG_9357IMG_9434IMG_9447IMG_9475IMG_9486IMG_9499IMG_9516