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Elijah Robert Vernon 2017

So our sweet friends and neighbors, Chris and Ashley Vernon had an unexpected surprise when they found out they were pregnant.  Their youngest, Anna Kate, is almost 15!  Needless to say, this little guy is totally a God thing… a sweet little perfectly healthy adorable little surprise blessing from God!  We took a few minutes on Friday to capture some itty bitty moments and will take some of their family of 6 when everyone is home for Christmas!  Ally, Caleb and Anna Kate are so excited about their little brother!  Oh… and they are huge Tarheel fans and because I love them I took some with this Tarheel garb!  But let it be said… Go Wolfpack!!!  🙂  Love you guys!IMG_2442IMG_2444IMG_2450IMG_2454IMG_2488IMG_2506IMG_2512IMG_2541IMG_2546IMG_2549IMG_2551IMG_2553IMG_2570IMG_2576IMG_2578IMG_2588IMG_2590IMG_2597IMG_2608IMG_2610IMG_2614-2IMG_2619IMG_2621IMG_2627IMG_2629IMG_2631IMG_2635IMG_2639IMG_2640IMG_2642IMG_2647IMG_2652IMG_2655IMG_2657IMG_2661IMG_2690IMG_2702IMG_2709IMG_2716IMG_2727IMG_2730IMG_2732IMG_2750IMG_2757IMG_2760IMG_2763