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The Prevatts 2017

We love the Prevatts!  Aren’t they beautiful?  Last year when we did Fall photos, Olivia was pregnant with little Aiden and now he’s here and so precious!!  Anderson and Ivy are so grown up and adorable, too! We spent a very quick few minutes last week capturing these sweet moments.  It was unusually dreary and dark and cold!  We managed to get a few good ones though!  Enjoy!IMG_0800IMG_0806IMG_0828IMG_0834IMG_0836IMG_0840IMG_0848IMG_0870IMG_0886IMG_0894IMG_0895IMG_0899IMG_0902IMG_0913IMG_0922IMG_0923IMG_0944IMG_0945IMG_1152IMG_1156IMG_1244IMG_1235IMG_1243IMG_1249IMG_1255IMG_1257IMG_1263IMG_1265IMG_1271IMG_1275IMG_1292IMG_1297IMG_1299IMG_1302IMG_1309IMG_1316IMG_1319IMG_1323IMG_1336IMG_1338IMG_1354IMG_1358IMG_1400IMG_1431IMG_1438IMG_1455