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The Villarreals

This sweet family attends our church.  I had little Easton in Grow Zone, our nursery, from the time he was born until about one year old.  He has grown up so much and is such a cute little ham!  I didn’t know his parents or sister, too well… only from afar.  Alexa has some visual impairment and has trouble focusing on the camera, but she did an amazing job!!!!  We were all so proud of her! The way that they love and serve each other is such a beautiful picture of the love of Christ.  Larry, Kat, Alexa and Ethan were such a joy! We had a great time shooting these on a brisk sunny morning recently!  Hope you enjoy! IMG_1510IMG_1525IMG_1536IMG_1539IMG_1542IMG_1550IMG_1559IMG_1561IMG_1567IMG_1580IMG_1602IMG_1610IMG_1624IMG_1630IMG_1647IMG_1657IMG_1673IMG_1677IMG_1699IMG_1705IMG_1726IMG_1730IMG_1731IMG_1746IMG_1762IMG_1772IMG_1773IMG_1780IMG_1820IMG_1837IMG_1845IMG_1848IMG_1907IMG_1908IMG_1933IMG_1937IMG_1945IMG_1953IMG_1957IMG_1981IMG_1984IMG_1990IMG_2005IMG_2006IMG_2022IMG_2037IMG_2041IMG_2043IMG_2061IMG_2069IMG_2122IMG_2143IMG_2155IMG_2167IMG_2182IMG_2195IMG_2218IMG_2280IMG_2283IMG_2324IMG_2329IMG_2367IMG_2391IMG_2400