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The Penegars

I have known Kristen since we worked together at Port City Community Church several years back.  I didn’t know her too well then, just that she was beautiful and sweet with a big contagious smile!  We have mutual friends and have talked more recently and she found out I did some photography.  She and her family have had a very tough year and she wanted to do some photos with her parents while they were visiting for Christmas.  They are an absolutely beautiful family and it was my honor to capture these sweet moments!  Love you guys!!  Hope you all enjoy Kristen, her parents, Daniel and Cindy and her husband, Cam and precious kiddos, Austin, Lily Anna and Ella Claire! IMG_5470IMG_5432IMG_5516IMG_5530IMG_5567IMG_5571IMG_5574IMG_5593IMG_5596IMG_5601IMG_5615IMG_5633IMG_5643IMG_5671IMG_5677IMG_5693IMG_5698IMG_5707IMG_5717IMG_5738IMG_5742IMG_5752IMG_5759IMG_5775IMG_5782IMG_5784IMG_5785IMG_5804IMG_5816IMG_5844IMG_5853IMG_5886IMG_5889IMG_5890IMG_5915IMG_5924IMG_5935IMG_5992IMG_5994IMG_5999IMG_6005IMG_6006IMG_6007IMG_6014IMG_6020IMG_6028IMG_6035IMG_6043IMG_6054IMG_6056IMG_6065IMG_6111IMG_6140IMG_6156IMG_6163IMG_6172IMG_6204IMG_6209IMG_6228IMG_6229IMG_6246IMG_6254IMG_6265IMG_6284IMG_6286IMG_6300IMG_6308IMG_6310IMG_6316IMG_6318IMG_6383IMG_6404IMG_6410IMG_6421